Citrus Memorial Hospital
April 05, 2016

Kathleen Neumann was recently named the Volunteer of the Year at Citrus Memorial Hospital.

As Chairperson of the Obstetrics Unit, Kathleen is responsible for scheduling and training new volunteers in the OB. She has served the
hospital for 11 years and has over 6,700 hours of service. She takes pride in working with students and is willing to come in on the weekends or evenings to work with them.

"Kathleen is one of those volunteers we hope will stay forever," said Kathleen Cridland, Director of Obstetrics. "She knows what to do to
assist our babies, mothers and families and she is so reliable. We would be lost without her."

Citrus Memorial staff and volunteers are responsible for nominating the Volunteer of the Year. In order to be nominated, an individual
must meet the following criteria:

  • Active membership in the Citrus Memorial Hospital volunteer program
  • Demonstrates remarkable concern for the welfare and happiness of hospital patients, staff and other customers of the hospital
  • Performs extraordinary acts of kindness
  • Has a positive effect on others
  • Willingly performs duties, as requested or identified
  • Day-to-day performance is dependable, consistent and people-oriented

"Kathleen believes in Citrus Memorial Hospital and strives to fulfill the mission of the hospital and the volunteer program," added Volunteer Manager Penny Zaphel. "Our volunteers generally work a four hour shift once a week, but Kathleen is one of those exceptional volunteers who is available whenever needed."

About the Citrus Memorial Auxiliary

The Citrus Memorial Auxiliary began in 1957 with 26 volunteers who were affectionately called the Pink Ladies. By 1962 the group had
grown to over 200 volunteers and began recruiting candy stripers. Today, Citrus Memorial Hospital's volunteers include over 450 men and
women. For information on volunteering at Citrus Memorial call 560-6298.