Citrus Memorial Hospital recently presented Awards of Distinction including the Frist Humanitarian Award and the HCA Excellence in Nursing Award. The Frist Humanitarian Award recognizes the highest achievements in serving others and the HCA Excellence in Nursing Award recognizes accomplishments in the field of nursing.

Frist Humanitarian Award Recipients

The Frist Humanitarian Award was founded in 1971 and honors outstanding individuals for humanitarian and volunteer services. Named in honor of the late Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr., founder of HCA and renowned humanitarian, this award recognizes individuals whose daily dedication and caregiving epitomizes the highest standard of quality and personal commitment.

The awards are given annually at each HCA hospital. One recognizes an employee who goes above and beyond day-to-day responsibilities and their overall service to the community. Another recognizes a volunteer who gives unselfishly to patients within the facility and the community. The third award recognizes a physician who best displays concern for the well-being of others beyond his or her day-to-day physician responsibilities.

The Citrus Memorial Hospital award winners are submitted for consideration for the national level Frist Awards. If selected, the honorees receive a $5,000 donation to the charity of their choice and $5,000 in cash for the employee and volunteer. The physician honoree receives a $10,000 donation to the charity of his or her choice.

Recipients of the Frist Humanitarian Award are: Jennifer Losse, RN, CEN, Manager of Emergency Services; Sandi Phillips, a volunteer; and Dr. Peter Kim, a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon with Citrus Ocala Heart Institute in Inverness.

Jennifer Losse, RN, CEN, the employee recipient of the Frist Humanitarian Award, has worked at Citrus Memorial Hospital for 10 years and is a passionate community member who is deeply involved at every level in the details of nearly every charity event held at Citrus Memorial Hospital. Each October, she spearheads a fundraiser in conjunction with local fire rescue and emergency medical services personnel that benefits local women fighting breast cancer. She's also passionate about family members who lose young loved ones either en route to or in the ER; the Starlight Program, which Jennifer created, allows grieving families to name a star - purchased by ER staff through fundraisers - after their child. Families, team members and the community can then look to the sky and know there is a star shining down named after the child whose life ended too soon.

"Jen's compassion for others is one of her most valuable assets," said Citrus Memorial CEO Ralph Aleman. "She has made it her mission to care for the less fortunate and those who are truly hurting in Citrus County. Jen rises to the challenge ensuring donations come back year over year, and in growing numbers. Yet, she seems to fly under the radar at work, never letting on to coworkers that she is the driving force behind these amazing programs. She simply encourages employee participation and steps back to let her emergency room team take credit."

Sandi Phillips, the volunteer recipient of the Frist Humanitarian Award, is a hospital welcome desk volunteer who has served as president of CMH Volunteers for over six years, chairperson of the welcome desk and holiday decorating committee for 15 years. "Sandi is instrumental in raising funds for charities in our community," said Manager of Volunteer Services, Penny Zaphel. "She was the leader who worked with the volunteer organization to donate $5,000 to the Key Training Center and $10,000 to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, all while dealing with multiple fights against cancer, herself.

De. Peter Kim, the physician recipient of the Frist Humanitarian Award, has over 13 years of services at Citrus Memorial Hospital. He has also focused his volunteer efforts on providing care throughout his career. "This modest man has a list of accomplishments that go far beyond medicine and caring for his own patients, though he would never mention them," said Aleman. "He has been quietly working behind the scenes not only in medicine, but as an active volunteer with youth, medical and charitable research programs. In all cases, he saw a need and quietly stepped in. In doing so he has touched the lives of many."

Dr. Kim has served the community at the local level, mentoring future physicians and setting up a scholarship fund - named for his daughter - for those who dream of going to medical school, but find the cost prohibitive. He has also served internationally, taking his medical expertise to countries across Asia and Africa.

Excellence in Nursing Recipient

Citrus Memorial Hospital's knowledgeable and compassionate nurses are on the front line of patient care, every day. The Excellence in Nursing Award recognizes the intrinsic value of the nursing practice in accomplishing the company mission of providing the highest quality of care to patients and communities.

The award winner is submitted for consideration for the HCA Excellence in Nursing Award. If chosen, the prize includes a $5,000 donation to the nurse's charity of choice and $5,000 in cash.

Kim Marsh, RN received the Excellence in Nursing Award in the professional mentoring category. Marsh is a nurse in the Women and Baby Center where she serves as a caregiver to patients and staff alike and sets an example for new nurses. As a Clinical Instructor through Rasmussen College, Kim encourages her students to look beyond the obvious. "She is an incredible teacher and mentor," said new nurse Caroline Petellat. "Kim has unknowingly set the standard so high for me and the nurse I hope to become. She loves her patients, her patients love her and I feel privileged to be learning from such an incredible person and outstanding nurse."