Pictured (left to right): Lynette Edwards, Director; Kitty Emmons, Treasurer; Mary Mahoney, Director; Jeff Shields, President; Sandi Phillips, Vice President; Jack Condron, Past President

Citrus Memorial Hospital recently announced newly elected volunteer officers who will serve for one year. They are president Jeff Shields, vice president Sandi Phillips, treasurer Kitty Emmons, directors Lynette Edwards and Mary Mahoney along with past president Jack Condron.

"We are fortunate to have leaders in our volunteer organization who will dedicate themselves to additional time and effort as officers," said Penny Zaphel, Manager of Volunteer Services. "This organization is primarily a fundraising and charity group that releases donations to area non-profits that pertain to the healthcare field."

Jack Condron has led CMHS Volunteers Inc as the President for the past four years. He was honored for serving on the board of directors and as a chairperson during his more than 14 years of service. "Jack led the organization through many changes and improvements," said Zaphel. "He always has the utmost consideration for our volunteers and their positions of service."

Jack Condron was honored for serving four terms as president of the CMHS Volunteers Inc.

The Hospital gift shop, located in the main lobby, is the main source of income for the non-profit group. All profits from the gift shop are dispersed as scholarships to students interested in the healthcare field or to organizations that promote good health and healthcare research.

About Citrus Memorial Volunteer Services

The Citrus Memorial Volunteers began in 1957 as an Auxiliary. After the hospital was purchased by HCA, a non-profit group call CMHS Volunteers Inc. was formed to manage the Gift Shop and other fundraising efforts that would benefit students with scholarships and support non-profits groups within the community. Today, Citrus Memorial Hospital's volunteers include over 350 men and women working in over 20 departments - plus 230 clergy serving patients and families. For information on volunteering at Citrus Memorial call 560-6298.