Jeff Shields and Lynnette Edwards

Inverness, FL — Lynnette Edwards and Jeff Shields were recently named Volunteers of the Year at Citrus Memorial Hospital. "Lynette is always kind and sweet," said Manager of Volunteer Services Penny Zaphel. "And, Jeff never says no. He arranges his schedule to accommodate volunteer work at the hospital as he is always thinking of others. These two have put in many years of service. Their efforts are invaluable."

Lynnette Edwards has been a Citrus Memorial Hospital volunteer for 13 years and nearly 6,300 hours. She serves as the chairperson over volunteers working in the admitting department and is a director of the board of Citrus Memorial Volunteers, Inc.

Jeff Shields was honored this year for 5,000 hours of service over his 10-year volunteer career with the hospital. A volunteer in the Emergency Room, Admitting, and Front Desk he also serves as the Vice President of the Citrus Memorial Volunteers, Inc.

Citrus Memorial staff and volunteers are responsible for nominating the Volunteer of the Year. In order to be nominated, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Active membership in the Citrus Memorial Hospital volunteer program.
  • Demonstrates remarkable concern for the welfare and happiness of hospital patients, staff and other customers of the hospital.
  • Performs extraordinary acts of kindness.
  • Has a positive effect on others.
  • Willingly performs duties, as requested or identified.
  • Day-to-day performance is dependable, consistent and people-oriented.

Additional awards were bestowed upon eight volunteers who gave service that directly impacted patient satisfaction or was beyond the scope of their assigned service. Recipients of the Above and Beyond Awards include:

  • Roger Baylon
  • Julie Moomaw
  • Doug Hutchinson
  • John Shephard
  • Bruce Maneske
  • Claus Brinnitzer
  • Dee LeChance
  • Marilyn Hancock

Volunteers were also recognized for their years of service for five-year milestones and service hours with Citrus Memorial Hospital:

  • 20 years of service award recipient: Jim Tress.
  • 15 years of service award recipients included: Maryanne Hagenbrock, Brenda Huntsberry, Henry Huntsberry, Kathy Neumann, and Zena White.
  • 10 years of service award recipients included: Kathleen Lee, Michael Haight, Jeff Shields, Roger Baylon, Doug Hutchinson, Kaija Therrell and Chase Turner.
  • 26,000 hours of service award recipient: Sandi Phillips.
  • 11,000 hours of service award recipient: Jack Condron.
  • 8,000 hours of service award recipients included: Kathleen Neumann and Chase Turner.
  • 6,000 hours of service award recipients included: Lynnette Edwards and Paul Oliver.
  • 5,000 hours of service award recipients included: Pat Anson, Maryanne Hagenbrock, Mary James, Jeff Shields and Billy Fondren.
  • Presidential award for 4,000 hours of service recipients included: Jean Clarke, Sandra Mason, Joan Soucy, Joan Allingham, Peggy Bock, Mike Haight, Doug Hutchinson, Janet Minogue, Zena White and Jack Brown.