Looking to obtain a copy of your medical records?

We offer two ways to access your medical record:

Patient Portal (Online Medical Record Access):

Free and secure online access to your medical record is available. You have access to your clinical record summary and test results for those performed in Citrus Memorial labs, diagnostic imaging and pathology. Get started below.

Access Patient Portal

Paper Copy of Medical Records:

Please complete the following steps to obtain a paper copy of your medical records:

  1. Print and complete the Medical Records Release Form.
  2. Complete, sign and date the form. In order to verify your identification and validate your authorization, we require that you include a legible copy of a valid photo I.D. (e.g., driver’s license, military I.D. or state I.D.).
  3. Mail, or fax your paperwork to the facility where you were treated.


Citrus Memorial Hospital - Release of Information
502 W. Highland Blvd
Inverness FL, 34452

Per Florida statute, there may be a charge for providing the copies at $0.25 per printed page and $0.02 per page for electronic copies. Records will be mailed within 5-7 business days.

For further information or assistance call (866) 463-7272.

Download Forms

Medical Records Release



Urgent Requests, Records for your Physician

For immediate continuity of care, your healthcare provider can request records.

The physician office must fax a written request on their letterhead to (855) 446-6008 indicating the patient’s name, date of birth and date of visit in the facility. Please indicate “STAT” for all urgent requests.

For assistance call (866) 463-7272.

Insurance, Attorney, Disability and Third Party Requests

Requests should be sent from your insurance company, attorney, or Disability Determination Service and mailed to the address below. We cannot accept faxes and email requests.

Mail request to:

Citrus Memorial Hospital - Release of Information
502 W. Highland Blvd
Inverness FL, 34452