Hospital Overview

Citrus Memorial Hospital, a 204-bed acute care hospital, has been serving Citrus County since 1957 and is the largest medical facility in the county. More than 150 physicians and 1,000 employees offer a wide range of services including 24-hour emergency room care, heart and vascular surgery, orthopedic and spine surgery, minimally invasive and robotic surgeries and women’s services.

A History of Healing

Before 1957, a broken arm or a heart attack meant a trip to Brooksville, or worse, Ocala. It wasn’t good for anyone in Citrus County. In a medical emergency, every second counts.

George Brannen, Sr. was a local banker whose fiscally sound practices allowed his bank to survive the Great Depression. Soon after World War II ended, Brannen began his quest to attract doctors to Inverness. But, doctors didn’t want to come to Citrus County because there was no hospital.

In 1949, Brannen organized local businessmen and won state certification to open what would become a $400,000 hospital. The original Citrus County Hospital Board used its taxing authority and hired six doctors who oversaw 16 rooms that could serve 25 patients.

It was a start. And, it brought much-needed medical care to the people of Citrus County.

Over the years, Citrus Memorial has seen a lot of growth. What started as a small hospital began to grow in the 1970s when a bed tower was added to the facility.

After that addition, a boom began. A second bed tower, medical office building and primary care offices throughout the county were built. In short order Citrus Memorial had become the second largest employer in Citrus County and a beacon of hope for the community.

Today, Citrus Memorial Hospital celebrates a more than 60 year history of healing and is the leading provider of healthcare in Citrus County and the surrounding area. A regional powerhouse, hospital services include a Heart and Vascular Center, Orthopedic and Spine Center of Excellence, Women and Baby Center, Minimally Invasive Surgical Specialties and a Family-Friendly ER.