Nationally recognized surgical services in Citrus County, Florida

Citrus Memorial Hospital's surgeons are experts in minimally invasive and traditional surgical procedures. They are prepared to handle a wide range of health conditions using the most advanced techniques and therapies.

Our full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient surgical services includes microscopic, minimally invasive and robotic surgeries.

To learn more about our surgical services, please contact our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (352) 637-3337.

Certified orthopedic surgery and nationally recognized spine surgery

Our Orthopedic and Spine Center of Excellence offers a range of orthopedic and spine surgery services. It has received national certification for our hip replacement and knee replacement from The Joint Commission, the nation's leading healthcare accrediting agency. This recognition is given to facilities that adhere to exacting standards and are dedicated to producing long-term optimal outcomes for patients.

Award-winning heart and vascular surgical team

The cardiac surgical team at the Heart and Vascular Center at Citrus Memorial Hospital has been nationally recognized by The Society of Thoracic Surgeons for being at the forefront of optimal outcomes for patients.

We deliver not just successful surgical results but a chance for a better life. We achieve these results using advanced technology and maintaining the highest standards of care when performing heart and vascular surgery procedures.

Patient-centered surgical care

Our elite, multidisciplinary surgical team includes highly skilled surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to providing excellent surgical care delivered with compassion. We focus on you and your full recovery to your maximum abilities, function and health.

At our hospital, you receive patient-centered surgical care with these benefits:

  • Highly skilled, board-certified surgeons with extensive expertise and ability to perform even the most complex surgeries
  • Advanced technology and techniques, including robotic surgery approaches
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques which result in less pain, less scarring and shorter recovery times

Surgical services we provide

We offer surgical services in various specialties, including:

General surgical services

Our general surgery services include:

  • Breast and reconstructive surgery
  • Colon surgery
  • Gallbladder removal
  • Vascular surgery, including minimally invasive vascular procedures
  • Ophthalmological surgery, such as:
    • Retina surgery
    • Cataract replacement
  • Laparoscopic surgeries

For the comfort of patients and the person accompanying them, private preoperative rooms are provided. Same-day surgery patients also have private post-operative rooms.

Robotic surgery

We perform an array of robotic surgery procedures. These procedures are minimally invasive and use the assistance of robotic technology, controlled 100 percent by our surgeons. Robotic surgery presents many benefits for patients and surgeons. It allows surgeons to reach hard-to-access areas of the body with precision and very few, tiny incisions. For patients, this means shorter recovery times, less scarring and less pain.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery

Surgery is not the end of the journey when it comes to restoring our patients to their optimal health and helping them regain independence. Often, following surgery, we provide physical therapy and rehabilitative therapies for patients to recover fully and safely.

Our licensed physical therapists and rehabilitative specialists will tailor a program to fit each patient's individual needs. This customized program will help her or him establish healthier and more active lives.